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Bennett Acres is a full service, privatly owned campground, located just 2.5 miles from the First Niagara Pavillion. We offer several different services that will appeal to your every need. Bennett Acres is the place to go to have family fun or hang out with your friends before, or after, a concert.


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People looking to camp out in tents do not need to make reservations. You also have the option of having water and electric hook ups to your tent. If you are looking to use our pavilion, cabins, or the RV hookups you will need to call ahead and make reservations. We also offer the following:

Bennett Acres is a safe place to spend time with your family. There are security guards on duty during big concert times, and the grounds are also equipped with cameras to help them keep an eye on the look out. And, dont forget that there is no need to worry about a crowd because we offer acres upon acres of campground. During large concerts portajohns will be brought in.

Please call 724-947-5120 to get detailed information on reasonable rates.

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